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In the spring of 1978, Hyun-soo transfers to Jungmoon High School in Kangnam where his mother thinks the land price will skyrocket due to the development of the area. Yet, Jungmoon High School is notorious for its severe corporal punishment by teachers and power struggles between school gangs. On the first day, he gets spanked with an aluminum baseball bat for violating the school's dress code. Then, one day, he plays basketball with his classmates and helps his team to a victory, which allows him to become chummy with Woo-sik, a kingpin of the school. Before long, they find out that they both are huge fans of Bruce Lee and become best friends.

Starring: Gweon Sang-woo, Lee Jeong-jin, Han Ga-in, Lee Jeong-heyok, Kim In-gweon
Directed by: Yoo Ha
Produced by: Romeo Noh, Choi Seon-jung, Cha Sung-jai

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