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The final battle between Blade and Joker had been held, and the result, Kamen Rider Blade comes as the new winner of the battle royal after sealing joker as the final trump. Four years have passed since then, somehow all the undeads have been discharged by albino joker, Kenzaki(Kamen Rider Blade) is once again reconvened to fight the undeads but he is no longer can transform. Then he is helped by the three new generation rider called Glaive,Lance,and Larc who later found out to be Tachibana Sakuya's(Kamen Rider Garren) man. now Kenzaki along with Mutsuki(Kamen Rider Leangle) and Tachibana must fought together with the 3 new rider to save the world and also saving Amane, who is all the key to released the legendary Rouze Boss.

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