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Due to economic pressures, Wong is forced to move his kung fu school and Po Chi Lam clinic. Unknowingly he re-opens next to a brothel. Wong comes into conflict with a corrupt police chief (an exponent of the Boxer Rebellion) who is aiding local monks as they kidnap young women and sell them into slavery in Southern Asia. Whilst investigating the monks' temple, Wong gets involved in a fight and is subsequently accused of an unprovoked attack on the monks. He is also poisoned, leading to temporary deafness, although the first time is on purpose by Wong to learn how the poison can be cured. In a later battle, Wong intervenes in the police chief's attempts to assassinate a foreign official.

Starring: Jet Li, Man Cheung (II), Dicky Cheung, Anita Yuen
Directed by: Wong Jing, Yuen Wo-Ping

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