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Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 9:29 PM |  

In the year 2043, the evil terrorist General (Vega) has been captured and put in a maximum security facility while he awaits his trial. The top Future Cops Ti Man (Fabio La Celda Balrog), Lung (Ryu), Broom Man (Guile) and Ah Sing (Dhalsim) to capture the top cadre of General's gang: Kent (Ken), Thai King (Sagat) and Toyota (Edmund Honda), but they escape to 1993 using an experimental time machine, with the intention of killing Judge Yu Ti Hung when he was in school, before he would pass judgment on General. Ti Man, Broom Man and Ah Sing are sent back to 1993 ahead of General's men to protect Yu Ti Hung, however Lung stays behind, being the police chief's brother-in-law.


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