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After Harry Callahan put an end to the ‘Scorpio’ murderer, he finds himself taking on a different kind of criminal; the kind that carries a badge. When a man acquitted of murder on a legal technicality is found dead along with his lawyer, chauffeur, and bodyguard, Harry and his new partner ‘Early’ Smith start to investigate but are ordered off by Harry’s boss, Lt. Neil Briggs - a man who Harry despises because of his bleeding-heart approach to law enforcement. Soon after, a mafia figure and several of his family & friends are gunned down at a pool party, and a drug dealer is also murdered.

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, Felton Perry, Mitchell Ryan, David Soul
Directed by: Cary Loftin, Ted Post, Buddy Van Horn
Produced by: Robert Daley

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