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The movie starts with Siva and Sakthi casually meeting in a train. Siva claims himself to be an Indian army Officer while Shakti claims herself to be an air hostess. They discuss about their professions for the rest of the journey and go about their respective ways after disembarking from the train. Siva goes straight to his house and tells his mother, sister Viji and her students about his encounter with this very beautiful girl in train. The family along Siva's 'chaddi buddy' Vivek go to the airlines office to meet Sakthi. They are in for a surprise as Shakila walks out claimimg to br Sakthi. Siva's family and Vivek laugh their ass off at this. The receptionist at the airlines office who happens to be Sakthi's roommate informs Sakthi of the army officers visit.


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