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Soft plastic screen goddess Stephy Tang takes center stage as Bo, a hot girl who uses her ample feminine wiles to score with the guys. She's as adept at dating strategy as she is adorable-looking, meaning she's pretty damn good at getting her way with the boys. Thanks to some overly-forthcoming voiceover, we learn early on that Bo is more realistic than romantic. However, that cynicism is tested thanks to the reappearance of ex-boyfriend Ryan (Alex Fong Lik-Sun), who once upon a time reacted poorly to getting dumped. Bo was using Ryan to get to another guy, and after ridding herself of Ryan, a bunch of bad luck started to occur. Her cat got poisoned, her mom pushed down the stairs, and her new boyfriend sent to the hospital. Reportedly a vengeful Ryan was the culprit - a suspicion made more credible since his words at the breakup included, "You must be punished!" Sounds like extreme sour grapes, and who wouldn't get all worked up over losing Bo? After all, she's played by Stephy Tang in a variety of chest-hugging outfits. Too bad said outfits are sometimes quite tacky, and make Tang look like a misguided fashion victim. But I digress.

Starring: Stephy Tang, Alex Fong , Miki Yeung, Monie Tung, Sammy Leung
Directed by: Patrick Kong
Produced by: Paco Wong

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