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Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 11:11 AM |  

Red-blooded males take note. Director Steve Cheng's Lethal Angels (AKA: Naked Avengers) cribs liberally from Wong Jing's ultra-successful Naked Killer formula, meaning this movie has babes, bullets, and even some skin. However, unlike Naked Killer, Lethal Angels is only a low-budget knockoff of Hong Kong's erotic action thriller genre, and suffers greatly for it. The production design is less lurid, the action less exciting, and the eroticism strictly low rent. The stars aren't much to write home about either. Lethal Angels has Jordan Chan, but he's only in a supporting role that requires the fallen star to do little besides deliver occasionally horny dialogue. Former Black Mask Andy On is the male lead here, but all he does is look handsome and act inert. That leaves it to the babes: buxom Taiwanese model Tin Sum and the always welcome Cherrie Ying. Plus, this film has a Category III rating. Red-blooded males must really be paying attention now.


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