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Val is a very attractive 28 year old woman, university educated and comfortably off. Moreover she is very liberated and constantly seeking ways to satisfy her sexual appetite. She sleeps with whoever she wants whenever she wants. Living to the limit in this way entails numerous problems at work and with her friends and not least with the men. All this, along with the death of her grandmother provokes a change in her life; a change Val herself knows is needed. Following her dismissal, she meets Jaime, with whom she falls hopelessly in love. Jaime makes her see that marriage is the way to achieve the emotional stability that she desperately needs. The long romance they share together is plagued by ups and downs. Jaime mistreats Val both physically and emotionally; he lies to her and leaves her an absolute wreck. Desperate, Val is nearing suicide. She is completely alone with debts to pay off and her self esteem at rock bottom. She decides to work in a high class brothel which satisfies her at first by giving free rein to her sexual fantasies whilst paying a great deal of money. However she makes the big mistake of falling in love with one of the clients, who she cannot see as often as she would like. Little by little Val discovers the sour side of prostitution; violence, drugs, a madame who is constantly watching and threatening… The death of one of her colleagues makes Val decide to get out and become her own boss.

Rename *.AZm to *.rar and extract with password:

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