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Friday, March 27, 2009 at 3:42 PM |  

Sam and May lead separate four-man PTU squads, there's a heated rivalry between their two teams that borders on hostile. The squad is due for regular turnover anyway, with some of their number graduating onto other duties, things turn punchy at the farewell party, with squad members trading insults and blows. Also, some of Sam's men utter distasteful comments about May tering up commanding officer Ho (Ben Wong), with the insinuation that she may be using her gender to curry favor. Ho is also at odds with the demoted Fat Lo, whose disdain towards his superior officer begins to cross the line into insubordination. Ultimately, all the tension spills over into the squad's final assignment together. A trio of armed Mainland thieves has retreated to the hills, and the PTU is assigned to search the area. Will their lack of teamwork doom them, or will they finally discover that elusive cop camaraderie?


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