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Alan (Alan Tang from Return Engagement) is the adoptive son of elderly triadboss Lung (Chen Feng from Fist Of Fury). Despite being adopted he is favoured most by Lung, something that doesn't sit well with his real sons Simon (Simon Yam from Bullet In The Head) and Bowie (Bowie Lam from On The Run). After an assassination attempt on Lung's life where Bowie was unable to protect his father, a series of events are set in motion. Simon is given the task of killing off his own brother because of his failings and he then goes after Alan to get some sort of revenge. He stages an attack during Alan's wedding where his bride Monica (Monica Chan from Full Alert) gets shot and is eventually paralyzed. Alan escapes with her to from Taiwan to Hong Kong in an effort to leave the triad life behind but as these things go, you can't leave your past behind that easily...

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