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Andy Lau and Anita Yuen love and kill in A Taste of Killing and Romance, the umpteenth hired killer flick out of Hong Kong, and yet another chance for an "It Girl" to act tough. Lau is Ko Sau AKA: Judge, the toughest hitman in Hong Kong, who's ultra-successful despite the fact that he has floppy Aaron Kwok-style hair and never dresses like an ultra-cool hitman. While not on a job, he chances into Yu-Feng (Anita Yuen), a neophyte assassin who kills while wearing questionable designer clothing. She has no idea that he's really the town's top killer, despite the fact that they share the same handler, Ice (a sultry Christine Ng). The two fall in love via sappy montage, but things aren't destined for a happy ending. Circumstances arise which may pit the two against one another. Meanwhile, dedicated cop Waise Lee is determined to bring down Judge.


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