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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 7:30 PM |  

Ubiquitous Cecilia Cheung stars as Phoenix, a kung-fu princess with awesome bone structure and impressive lineage. Her parents (Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu) belong to the "Secret Society of Kung Fu Masters", who hide their true identities while ferreting out evil martial artists who roam contemporary China. After learning her parents are martial arts superheroes, Phoenix gets the go-ahead to train in the misty mountains, where she learns of her all-important romantic destiny: to fall in love with a man who sees her when she isn't supposed to be seen. Flash-forward to the present and the now-adult Phoenix is an office lady who primarily uses her powers to prevent work tardiness. One morning, while scaling the building, she's seen by rich kid Dragon (Leo Koo), who, duh, sees her when she isn't supposed to be seen. It's love...or at least, she wants it to be.

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