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Jan (Shawn Yu) is one of the many dirty cops living in the area. Hes really more like a gangster than a cop. Self-serving and living aimlessly in this hellhole of an area, he constantly have dealings with the mobs and offers protection to the prostitutes in exchange for sexual favours. Of all the girls, he fancies Lulu (Bonnie Xian) most. He finds her non-inquisitive and quiet nature comforting, almost like a place where he can seek solace. Jan's peaceful routine is disrupted when the son of God mom Chong (Susan Shaw) goes missing in a rival gangs territory headed by the four-eyed Tong. Along with his disappearance is a valuable green gemstone that was meant as a birthday gift from her son. Jan is tasked by Chong to confront Tong (Liu Kai Chi). At this moment, a mysterious beggar (Louis Fan) makes an attempt to kill Tong.

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