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Kyung-Gang (Lim Eun Kyung) is a notorious bad girl, renowned in her high school for being one scary, tough cookie. But when she visits a fortune teller, she's told that she has to get married before she turns sixteen, or she'll suffer the consequences: death! Immediately, Kyung-Gang sets out to find a guy, but her reputation as the resident bad girl makes every high school guy steer clear. But there's a transfer student: On Dal (Eun Ji Won), who still isn't wise to Kyung-Gang's rep. Luckily, Kyung-Gang is easy on the eyes. Unluckily, she's still one scary girl. Even worse, On Dal is scheduled to leave for the U.S. before Kyung-Gang's sixteenth birthday! Can the beauty stop being a beast before her prince hightails it for the horizon.


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