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The film begins with the childhood meeting of Chae In Ho and Min Joo, which sees the young lad irrevocably smitten before the object of his affection is cruelly swept away by unfortunate circumstances. Fast forward a few years and their paths cross again as In Ho falls foul of her troubled brother, swearing that he will love and protect her forever. This is soon put to the test as Min Joo is threatened by a particularly nasty gangster, which of course leads to violence, and the two are parted once more as he ends up in jail and she goes overseas to stay with her father in Japan. After he gets out, having heard nothing from her for years, he starts working for the chairman of a large corporation, taking care of all the dirty work and rising up through the ranks. Fate strikes once again as Min Joo reappears as the chairman’s new mistress, pushing In Ho towards another life changing and indeed life threatening decision.

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