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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 6:00 PM |  

The nurses at Grace Anderson Sanitarium tell stories of patient Laurie Strode. She's the sister of the murderous legend Michael Myers - and 3 years ago, she thought she had destroyed her sibling for good. She was wrong - dead wrong. After killing an innocent man, she was locked away and hasn't spoken a word since. The staff believes her to be suicidal - they've caught her on the roof before.... 
Starring:Tyra BanksSean Patrick ThomasBianca Kajlich,Brad LoreeLuke Kirby
Directed by:Rick Rosenthal (II)Rick Rosenthal
Produced by:Moustapha AkkadJeffrey T. BarnesMichael Morreale

Rename *.vnw to *.rar and extract with pass: shaan

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