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Poor Aki’s having the worst first day ever at her new school. As if it’s not bad enough that she gets pushed into the swimming pool as a prank, there’s a new virus circulating among the student body and the doctor who comes to inoculate them against it is a raving madman. A raving madman who likes to experiment with viruses, no less, and one who pumps the entire school full of a virus of his own design that transforms them into bloodthirsty maniacs. Things would be looking grim indeed if not for the fact that pool water neutralizes the virus and Aki was actually kidnapped years earlier and trained as a secret assassin by the same mad doctor. It’s time for Aki to kick some ass but not before stripping down for some lesbian loving with her new found best friend.

Rename *.vnw to *.rar and extract with pass: 12172 or

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